Truck Steps, Nerf Bars, & Running Boards

When it comes to trucks and jeeps, the bigger, the better. Except tall, lifted vehicles can be a hassle to get into and out of. We offer a large variety of running boards, nerf bars, and steps.These steps also give your vehicle an added touch of customization and finished style. With various finishes, materials, and even step lights, we have tons of options.

Running Boards

Installing running boards on your truck will not only add to the overall look of the truck, running boards also offer several other benefits. The most obvious is that it acts as a step for shorter passengers to get into your truck. Plus the added benefit of acting as a doormat for dirty shoes, which will help keep the interior cleaner. Also, having a running board in place can block some debris and rocks from being thrown high enough to scratch and/or damage doors and side panels.

Running boards come in many kinds of materials, including:

  • Diamond-plate steel
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • A tube-like structure that runs around the perimeter of the vehicle (commonly seen on jeeps)

Nerf Bars

Nerf bars are pipes (usually chrome or steel) that run along the sides of a vehicle and have small footpads that provide traction. Nerf bars add style and functionality to your truck or SUV. A wide variety of styles include black powder-coated, stainless steel and chrome. They come in a variety of shapes and styles including tube steps, oval steps, LED lighted nerf steps and more for both Truck and SUV’s.They can serve the same purpose of running boards, but have the added benefit of a more secure footing for each vehicle entry point. Both running boards and nerf bars play a role in protecting the side panel of your truck when off-roading.

Side Steps

Truck steps are the ideal alternate to a full-length nerf bars or running boards. Steps provide the optimal width for your foot, while also maintaining a lower profile than running boards, therefore less dramatically changing the overall look of your truck. Depending on your vehicle, side steps may be more convenient and easy to use than running boards. Steps hang down more, while running boards are closely mounted to the vehicle.