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Diesel Truck Maintenance Lewisville 


Diesel Truck Service | Diesel Maintenance Lewisville | Oil FilterAs every diesel truck owner knows, one of the greatest things about diesel trucks is that they are built to last. They require no ignition tune-ups, and will go longer without major engine repairs compared to gasoline engines. In order to get the longevity from your diesel truck, regular diesel maintenance is required. Diesel engines were designed so that the owners can do a lot of the maintenance themselves, with only a little knowledge and a small investment of time and money. However, some diesel maintenance chores are not recommended for the average DIYer, and require an expert. Ape Offroad in Lewisville offers diesel maintenance services for those maintenance tasks that you may not want to, or don’t have the time to tackle on your own.

Some of Our Diesel Maintenance Services Include:

  • Oil Change Diesel Engine Services Lewisville | Diesel Oil Filter | Diesel Truck Shop
  • Air/Fuel Filter Change
  • Bleeding the Fuel System
  • Draining the Water Seperators
  • Gasket Inspection and Replacement
  • Coolant System Flush
  • Power Steering ServiceDiesel Engine Service | Air Filter | Oil Change | Diesel Maintenance Shop
  • Brakes

Our Complete Diesel Maintenance Inspection

diesel-maintenance-lewisville-diesel-service-lewisvilleIf you are not a diesel expert and want to make sure that you will get the longest life from your diesel engine, bring it by our shop in Lewisville, and our diesel maintenance expert will perform a complete maintenance inspection of your vehicle, free of charge. If your truck is in good working order and does not require any service at this time, we will let you know what will be needed in the future diesel-mechanic-lewisville-diesel-truck-serviceand schedule it for you if you would like for us to. We will keep track of all of your past diesel truck services, and send you a reminder when services are needed.