Truck & Jeep Bumpers and Mudflaps


Functionality and visual appeal are equally important when it comes to upgrading your new vehicle. With bumpers and mudflaps, you get the best of both. Bumpers and mudflaps not only offer protection for your vehicle, they are available in many custom options to achieve the look you want from your truck or jeep.

Custom Bumpers

Installing after market bumpers gives the vehicle a more aggressive appearance, while also protecting the vehicle while using it off-road.  Typical factory bumpers are mostly jeep-bumpers-lewisville-tx-mudflapsplastic, veneer, or cheap thing gauge metal. We offer bumpers that are heavy duty, and are not going to dent and bend if you hit a tree or small shrub.

Bumpers not only play a huge role in protecting the vehicle, choosing one of our many options for bumpers will give your truck or jeep a unique custom look and set it apart from every other vehicle, especially when combined with custom lights and other accessories. We have a large variety of bumpers in stock, and if we don’t have what you want, we can order it for you. Are you looking for something unique to set your truck or jeep apart from every other one on the road? We offer custom bumpers fabricated right in our shop! Stop by any time for a consultation or give us a call.


Mud flaps are essential off-road accessories to have whether you are driving through the mud or on gravel. They prevent bigger, off-road tires from throwing dirt or rocks and causing damage to the outside of your vehicle and other vehicles on and off the road. Some states even require that you have mudflaps installed if you have a lifted vehicle in order to protect other vehicles on the road. We offer a wide variety of both standard and custom mud flaps. If you see something you like that we don’t have in stock, we can order and install it for you!