Ape Offroad was founded by James “Turbo” Turbeville, a Denton, TX born off-road enthusiast. James developed a passion for trucks and vehicles at an early age. After graduating from college, he began his career with an apprenticeship at Ford Country of Lewisville where he worked as a tech. Wanting to expand on his knowledge and having stayed with Ford for six years, James decided it was time to move on. He then went to work as a lead technician for an independent shop in Denton. Several years later while still working for the independent shop, he was offered a job as quality inspector and test driver for Peterbilt Motor Company. There he was able to further his experience and technical knowledge while working with some of the best mechanics in the industry. During his time at Peterbilt, he continued to work part time for the independent shop, as well as taking on projects in his garage at home for customers that were referred to him. After a few years, referrals from customers kept coming and James became so flooded with side projects, he decided it was time to take it to the next level.  He would finally be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a custom off-road vehicle shop for real enthusiasts.

With help from Jimmy, his best friend of 20 years, he would now be able to focus his attention on his passion – Off-road performance. When asked why he chose off-roading as his specialty, James said “One word: Community. I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to feel the thrill, brotherhood, and fun of off-roading. Do it once and you’re hooked for life!”

James “Turbo” Turbeville

Harry Pullen grew up in the country, where off-roading was a way of life. From a young age, he and his friends often spent the weekends working on their trucks and taking them out to the river. Harry moved to Lewisville when he was 18 to work for his dad’s car dealership, repairing and maintaining vehicles. He later joined the military as a 63 Bravo (vehicle mechanic) and became an Army Certified mechanic. harry-certified-mechanic-lewisville

When his career in the military ended, he moved back to Texas and became part of a jeep off-roading club. When his brother Jimmy told him that he had the perfect job for him at Ape Offroad, he immediately accepted and his been a part of our team ever since.

Harry Pullen